Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Digitella bids farewell

Clouds In My Coffee productions and Blogspot.com announced earlier today that “Citizen Media: the Days of OUR Online Lives” has not been renewed for a second season.

The short-lived series featuring the trials and tribulations of Digitella ended its run after 3 months due to lack of audience participation. Ratings were allegedly poor from the start but director and screenwriter MEG remained optimistic. This was in vain, however, as ratings continued to plummet.

"It's actually a bit of a relief," MEG commented at a poorly attended press conference held shortly after the announcement was made. "It broke my heart to get the ratings in week after week only see that no one was really interested in Digitella or what she had to say."

Rumours have been circulating that MEG will make a comeback later on this month with a new show. MEG refused to comment on this, but she did make one thing clear - Digitella would under no circumstances be resurrected.


Future Journalists 2007 said...

A fitting end to the Days of Our Digital Lives. But before Digitella rides off into the sunset, she may want to consider the karma of the following picture:

MEG said...

oh good grief!!!! who was I looking at?

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